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The W. Bruce Lunsford Academy for Law, Business + Technology offers students an honors curriculum designed to enhance the comprehensive legal education by emphasizing legal technology, quantitative methods, leadership, informatics and other skills critical to the future of the practice of law and business.

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Former Director Chris Gulinello introduces design thinking to Lunsford Scholars




Our Leaders

W. Bruce Lunsford


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W. Bruce Lunsford

Jeffrey A. Standen

Matthew Tokson

Assistant Professor of Law

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Matthew Tokson

Jeannine Abukhater Lambert

Assistant Director of Advancement

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Jeannine Abukhater Lambert

Future Students

Lunsford Academy Curriculum:

Business Organizations
Essential Quantitative Skills for Lawyers
The Business of Law: Creative Thinking for Firms and Clients

Intellectual Property and Other Intangible Assets: Drafting and Negotiating Strategies
Technology of the Modern Legal Practice
Legal App Development

Providing students with essential business acumen

The Lunsford Academy recognizes that the modern lawyer needs a basic understanding of the tools and language of business. Entrepreneurs, business leaders, clients, and professional colleagues all use a common set of disciplines and tools to share information, evaluate risk, and make financial decisions.

The Lunsford Academy provides students with competence in finance, accounting, and statistics so they can better understand the needs of their clients, make strategic decisions for their own businesses, and play a role in their clients’ financial decisions.

Fostering creative thinking

New lawyers are facing a changing legal marketplace. Traditional paths to practice are narrowing, competitive forces on the profession are increasing, and clients are demanding new types of services and service experiences.

The Lunsford Academy trains students in creative design and problem solving for their law practices. In addition, students also develop skills that allow them to fashion creative legal solutions for their clients’ businesses. In the Lunsford Academy, students develop the foundational skills for becoming business-competent lawyers and business leaders.

Harnessing the power of intellectual property

Business clients need attorneys who can advise them on maximizing their ability to generate revenue from their intellectual property.

The Lunsford Academy provides students with the skills necessary to identify strategies for effective drafting and negotiation of intellectual property licenses.

Introducing students to modern technology

The modern legal practice requires a high-level of proficiency with technology. Attorneys without these skills generate additional costs for law firms and clients.

The Lunsford Academy instructs students in the efficient use of standard office technology in the practice of law and introduces them to legal technology products designed specifically for attorneys as well as the products that compete with lawyers.

In the Lunsford Academy, students also develop a legal app. Through this project, they gain a deeper understanding of the legal and technological issues relevant to developing software products and they learn how to articulate their legal knowledge to non-experts.



Jeannine Abukhater Lambert
Administrative Director

NKU Chase Office of Admissions

Matthew Tokson
Professor of Law

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